Homework 0: Introduction to the course

Wednesday January 1
11 p.m. Sunday January 21
In this assignment, you will become familiar with course policies and help me get to know you.
Each student should turn in their own version of this assignment. However, you may certainly sit with other students as you review the course materials and answer the questions. You may discuss the assignment with anyone you wish. You may obtain help from anyone you wish, but you should clearly document that help.
Google Forms - Links below.


  1. Read the course web site: http://cs.whitman.edu/~strattja/cs/210/2018S.
    Then complete an online quiz:
  2. Tell me about yourself by filling out an online survey
  3. Sign up for a date to give your Significant Bits topic presentation. Add your name to This Spreadsheet.

John Stratton (strattja@whitman.edu) with thanks to Janet Davis, Sam Rebelsky and Albert Schueller

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