Computer Science Department

@ Whitman College - Walla Walla, Washington


The Whitman College Computer Science Department is located in historical Olin Hall and is adjacent to the CS Lounge. There are three computer labs located in Olin 124, 207 and 228, along with two additional terminals located in the Lounge area. 

If you are looking for help with a certain course, please see the course links below. For more information on the labs, including lab maps, linux command help, and the lab manual, please refer to the Lab Information section.

The department faculty websites are as follows:

Janet Davis

John Stratton

Andy Exley

Rohan Loveland

Current Courses

  • CS-167A - Computational Problem Solving - Rohan Loveland
  • CS-167B - Computational Problem Solving - Rohan Loveland
  • CS-200A - Machine Learning - Rohan Loveland
  • CS-203A - Data Analysis - Albert Schueller
  • CS-210A - Computer Systems Fundamentals - Andy Exley
  • CS-270A - Data Structures - John Stratton
  • CS-327A - Algorithm Design & Analysis - John Stratton
  • CS-339A - Operations Research - Doug Hundley
  • CS-370A - Software Design - John Stratton
  • CS-482A - Independent Study - John Stratton, Andy Exley, Rohan Loveland
  • CS-496A - Capstone Project II- John Stratton
  • CS -497A -Advanced Project - John Stratton